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Première - 25 e 26 June 2017 - Fonderie Teatrali Limone Moncalieri

In Apparizioni I would like to stimulate the imagination of the audience. This performance is a reflection on what appears and disappears infront of  our eyes in a concrete or intangible form. Six different dance paintings on the perception of the human soul which reflect events, people, dreams and thoughts that pervade our life, with one consideration: what is the limit between reality and unreality? On this occasion I wanted a dance without narration, but deeply imbued with meanings, partly dark and mysterious, but perhaps, precisely for this reason, able to stimulate different reflections and emotions.  (Raphael Bianco)

Choreography: Raphael Bianco

Assitant choreographer : Elena Rolla

Maitre de Ballet: Vincenzo Galano

Costumes: Melissa Boltri               

Lights: Enzo Galia

Dancers: 8

Duration: 1h 10 min


Fondazione Egri per la Danza

With the support of

MIC - Ministero della Cultura, Regione Piemonte, Fondazione CRT, TAP - Torino Arti Performative,  Studio Rolla



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