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Première, 8th April  2021 - Chiesa di San Francesco Cuneo

The performance is part of an itinerant path in which the dancers react to an electronic musical deconstruction of Le sacre du printemps made by the METS - Conservatorio di Cuneo composers, associating these stravinskijani fragments with different choreographic gestures often unpredictable in their sequence and direction, also the result they of a similar decomposition process of a pre-existing choreography for Le Sacre, the work of Raphael Bianco. This fragmentation of the existing choreographic vocabulary, reworked in the economy of materials, leads to the essence of the drama of the reference choreography, upsetting the order of the libretto and proposing a new figure of the Elect.

Choreography, Raphael Bianco ​​​

Assistant to the choreography and choreologist, Elena Rolla

Maitre de ballet, Vincenzo Galano

Sound concept: Gianluca Verlingieri, Simone Confortio

Live music: Cristina Mercuri, Simone Giordano, Simone Conforti

Dancers, 4

​​Duration, 30


Fondazione Egri per la Danza

In collaboration with

METS - Musica Elettronica & Tecnici del Suono, Feliz

With the support of

MIC, Regione Piemonte, Fondazione CRT, Fondazione CRC



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