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experience 5 | Lago d'Orta

The fifth EartHeart experience, of which the leading artist was Vincenzo Criniti, took place on Lake Orta. Here nature has dreamlike and surreal connotations and accompanies the dancer through a path of investigation into himself in parallel with a human and spiritual confrontation with the Franciscan Friars of the Convent of Monte Mesma.


Project by: Raphael Bianco

General coordination: Elena Rolla

Production secretary: Matteo Ravelli

Logistics: Vincenzo Galano

Communication: Vincenzo Criniti

Press office: Cristina Negri

Film maker: Gaia Russo Frattasi

Sound design: METS - Conservatory of Cuneo

Dancers: Elisa Bertoli, Vincenzo Criniti, Carola Giarratano, Cristian Magurano, Oksana Romanyuk, Davide Stacchini

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supporters and partners

The EartHeart project received the contribution of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation as part of the “ART ~ WAVES. For creativity, from idea to scene "which looks at the consolidation of the creative identity of the territories through support for programming in the field of performing arts and contemporary creative production, combining research, production, supply and distribution in an ecosystem logic for strengthen the artistic vocations of the area


and the contribution: MIC - Ministry of Culture, Piedmont Region, TAP - Turin Performing Arts, CRT Foundation, CRB Foundation, CRC Foundation

project partner: CROSS Festival and Mirabilia Festival

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