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il cuore della terra
(theatre piece)

Premiere 2023 CROSS Festival

The theater piece summarizes the previous phases of the EarthHeart project by EgriBiancoDanza company in a new theatrical dimension. New technologies, videos , setting and dance will present to the audience, the power of the planet and the wonder of its ecosystems. Dancers wil be dancing in a perpetual flow of images. and sound: fascinating, magical, to be contemplated and indulged in .. Starting from the experiential path in situ,  EarthHeart by EgriBiancoDanza Company, under the guidance of the choreographer Raphael Bianco, reshapes the experiences lived in loneliness of 5 dancers in different months fro february to may 2022, within different ecosystems. The essence of the work is bringing towards the dramaturgical and theatrical dimension of the gesture. EarthHeart is a stage piece that is rooted in the Earth and metabolizes the experience of contact to talk about life, nature and humanity as a single organism. The environment permeates the body with suggestions, questions and dialogues with his physical actions / reactions: we are part of the beating heart of a microcosm that dominates us, immersed in an infinite macrocosm from which a ritual dance springs out. Elements of the research carried out in situ collected by METS –Cuneo Music Conservatoire relating to sound, and by Gaia Russo Frattasi for images, are reworked by the interdisciplinary artistic collective Ko-koschka Revival coordinated by theater director and film maker Ana Shametaj and sound designer professor Andrea Giomi.


Conception and choreography: Raphael Bianco | Assistant choreography: Elena Rolla | Stage concept: Kokoschka Revival with the contribution of Ana Shametaj (art direction), Andrea Giomi (interaction sound design), Fabio Brusadin (interaction visual design) Giulio Olivero, Valentina Micòl Carnevali and Nicoló Brunetto (set design) | Lights: Tommaso Contu | Maitre de ballet: Vincenzo Galano | Dancers: Company EgriBiancoDanza 

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supporters and partners

The EartHeart project has received funding from the FoundationCompany of Saint Paul in the context of the call “ART~WAVES. For creativity, from the idea to the scene" which looks at the consolidation of the creative identity of the territories through support for programming in the field of performing arts and contemporary creative production, combining research, production, supply and distribution in an ecosystem logic for strengthen the artistic vocations of the territory


and the contribution:MIC - Ministry of Culture, Piedmont Region, TAP - Turin Performing Arts, CRT Foundation

production:Egri Foundation for Dance in collaboration with Cross Festival and CEM – Il Maggiore Events Center in Verbania, OGR Turin, Unione Musicale Onlus

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