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FUGA - l'ultimo rifugio

Première - 26th July 2015 - Villa Doria Pamphilj Roma

Nowadays  the term refuge is very present: take refuge where? From who? In us or elsewhere?From bombings and attacks of various origins around the world to an undeclared "third world war", we seek refuge from an escape, from more or less concrete threats. The setting of the Soratte fallout shelter inspired Raphael Bianco to represent situations of waiting, escaping, in the claustrophobic environment of a space that has witnessed suffering and military strategies and where dance and live music interacted in the contemporary line of a dialogue aleatory evoking suggestions and moods through the interaction between sound and dancing gesture.

Subject and choreography: Raphael Bianco

Choreography assistant: Elena Rolla

Maître de ballet: Vincenzo Galano

Costumes: Melissa Boltri 

Lights: Enzo Galia

Music: Ivan Bert , J.S Bach 5

Dancers:  5

Duration: 50 min

Duration version site specific:  35 min


Fondazione Egri per la Danza

In collaboration with

Festival Invito alla Danza, Associazione Culturale Bunker Soratte

With the support of

MIC - Ministero della Cultura, Studio Rolla

FUGA - l'ultimo rifugio

FUGA - l'ultimo rifugio

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